Barista's Coffee House

Open Monday - Friday 7 - 4 Saturday 8 - 4 Sunday 8 - 2

Brewing Up more than just Coffee at Barista’s

Move over corporate coffee chains…you now have some serious competition! Barista’s Coffee House is a breath of fresh Arabica aroma in a world dominated by overdone slick corporate marketing.  Owners Mark and Debbie Becker have created the perfect “neighborhood” atmosphere coffee house that draws an eclectic mix of soccer moms, academics, intellectuals, professionals, artists and students. Once you walk through the doors you instantly become part of the “Barista’s Family”.

Barista’s customers come back time and time again not only to drink their favorite hot beverage, but also to savor the inviting and comfortable “Old World” European atmosphere. Debbie and Mark are experts are social networking and when you add in free Wi-Fi, authentic Italian Gelato, plenty of comfy leather seating, the finest gourmet pastries and cakes and the best cup of coffee in town…you’re in for a real treat.

Debbie and Mark Becker have always dreamed of opening their own coffee house. The couple worked hard to earn the coveted title of “Barista”, a person who is an expert in preparing and serving espresso drinks and brewed coffee, in fact a "coffee sommelier". It is this level of commitment that has earned Barista’s Coffee House the title of the

“Best Cup of Coffee in Town.”

So come on in, sit back & relax, meet new friends, and enjoy the ambiance that only a coffee house like Barista’s can bring.

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